Victoria Planning Authority Precinct Structure Plan Guidelines

Ensure that the Victoria Planning Authority Precinct Structure Plan Guidelines review aligns with Living Melbourne’s vision and goals.


Living Melbourne / Resilient Melbourne


The Guidelines for Precinct Structure Planning in Melbourne’s Greenfields (the Guidelines) provide the framework for preparing Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) that guarantee quality outcomes while also being flexible, responsive and supportive of innovation. The practice of planning for new communities has matured since the Guidelines were first introduced in 2009. Planning authorities now need to plan communities that respond to new and emerging global and urban challenges to deliver the level of liveability for which Melbourne is renowned.

In response to Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 Action 20, the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) led the development of the updated Guidelines with the DELWP to incorporate lessons learned and current policy and ensure best practice standards are being met. Throughout the review of the Guidelines, the VPA has sought feedback from stakeholders within government and industry to determine key policy updates and areas of improvement for PSP outcomes. The VPA held an eight-week consultation process on a draft version of the Guidelines which concluded on 11 November 2020. Feedback from this phase of consultation is being reviewed and will be incorporated into the final iteration of the Guidelines and associated guidance notes.


Living Melbourne, in association with Resilient Melbourne, provided a written submission to the VPA regarding the alignment between the PSP review and Living Melbourne’s vision, goals and actions. This submission was followed by a meeting with the VPA to discuss elements of the submission. It is expected that an updated PSP Guideline will be released in 2021.

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