Local planning controls for increasing green cover

Pilot local planning controls for increasing green cover and retaining existing canopy trees on private land and explore options to scale this approach.


City of Melbourne


Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environments (CASBE)


City of Melbourne has requested Ministerial authorisation of Planning Scheme Amendment C376: Sustainable Building Design, which proposes to implement sustainability and green infrastructure policy into the Melbourne Planning Scheme, including a range of new mandatory and discretionary Sustainable Building Design Standards and requirements.

It is also advocating for a state-wide planning provision to champion environmentally sustainable design, city greening and green infrastructure with a local schedule to enable mandatory requirements and allow tailoring by councils and has been working with CASBE to achieve this end. City of Melbourne have developed an Australian first online Green Factor tool to allow assessment and benchmarking of urban ecology outcomes on new developments to support the standards in C376.

Next steps

The City of Melbourne is currently seeking the Minister for Planning’s authorisation to, exhibit Amendment C376 and commence public consultation.

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